A real, tangible return on your IT investment.

The best form of recycling is reuse. When you work with EPC, it’s also the most profitable. Our highly-skilled remarketing division has a diverse set of tactics which allow us to achieve top dollar in the secondary market. As a result, the cost of EPC’s premium disposal services is often completely offset. Depending on equipment quality, condition and current fair market value price, our customers may even receive a reimbursement from the sale. In these situations, not only are you receiving premium, safe, secure and certified ITAD services, but actual revenue to use on your next IT project. In other words, a CIO’s dream. If that wasn’t enough, EPC’s commitment to sustainable remarketing also enhances your CSR initiatives, making compliance officers happy as well.

How do we do it?

Highly Experienced

EPC has been buying and selling used technology since 1984. We understand the used market and its audience very well. Our world-class remarketing capabilities and vast knowledge of the IT industry, enables us to predict return in the secondary market. EPC actively engages its remarketing resources on a global scale, and seeks the best return for assets globally.

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Diverse Channels

Using multiple remarketing tactics allows us to stay competitive while achieving top price. In addition to direct wholesale sales and our online retail store, we also sell products on several mainstream e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg and eBay, giving your equipment vast and wide visibility. Rest assured, your data is always wiped before equipment is resold.

Trained Staff

Our team consists of highly-trained technicians who know how to properly refurbish all major IT brands and types, including PCs, laptops, tablets, monitors, networking, servers, and more. We require all technicians to pass a rigorous, in-depth training program during our employee onboarding process to ensure we provide consistent service throughout the world.

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EPC is one of a few certified Microsoft Authorised Refurbishers (MAR) in the world. MAR-certified providers are required to follow strict requirements established by Microsoft, ensuring your used IT is resold as a high-quality, professional device, pre-installed with a genuine Microsoft operating system. Your used IT will be resold as a fully functioning solution rather than hardware alone.

Keyboard Reprinting Services

EPC’s on-site keyboard printer is a top-of-the-line solution for bringing worn lettering back to life. We can easily adjust the layout, change languages or refurbish any keyboard to your specific needs. Keeping everything in-house allows us to have greater control over the process, ensuring an accurate end result every time. By reprinting in-house, we are able to quickly and easily increase the value of your equipment, resulting in top dollar. Reach out to our Reprinting Department for more information.

Real return on your investment.

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If your technology has any remaining value, EPC can find it.
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